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OZZIEE Movers® - Easy Transportation for House Goods using Cheap Movers Brisbane

Ozziee Movers Brisbane- Furniture Removals Brisbane your one and only destination for all sorts of removals and related services is one of the best. Cheapest and reliable removals around Brisbane,QLD.

If you are looking for a cheap, fast and dependable removalist, you have come to the right place. Moving is tedious, and things tend to get disruptive when you don’t organise properly. Here with your cheap movers Brisbane, you don’t have such worries. We have experience in moving all manner of household furniture, office goods, and commercial items across the country. Call our agents to know more about the time and cost for your goods.

Pick your truck first

The reliable cheap removalists Brisbane give you doorstep service that includes packing and removal, so you needn’t worry about anything. You only need to move. Here is a breakdown of charges for services (you pay a flat callout fee for all services amounting to $40):

  • 4 tonne truck with 2 men: $75 per hour.
  • 5 tonne truck with 2 men: $80 per hour.
  • 6.5 tonne truck with 2 men: $85 per hour.
We have partners throughout the Australia, so you only need to call us, and we will put you through to your removalist at once. Confirm this with your local removalists before you make your move

1. Provide Seperate dismantle service

Dismantling furniture and then assembling it at the new place is a service provided by some of the city movers brisbane on our website. If you need this service, that is, you have big furniture that cannot be moved without dismantling them first, then choose those removalists that provide this service. If you don’t need them, you have a wider choice of transportation choices waiting for you.

2. Loading and unloading Service

Another thing that many people need is loading and unloading service. If you want to do this by yourself, then the charges will be lower. The normal rate is $60 per hour, you get the truck and a driver from the house movers brisbane. If you need someone (2 men) to do the loading and unloading, then you will have to pay extra. For a 3-tonne truck, you pay $69 per hour, for 4.5 tonnes it is $79, and for a 6-tonne truck, you must pay $99. These are only tentative prices to give you an idea of the actual thing. It will vary from one removalist to the next so check the actual price before you order your service provider.

3. Make weekend moves

It is possible to move your entire luggage over the weekend and in some cases in the evening if your house is a small one. This saves you time and proves useful for especially busy people. While most movers will accommodate this, it may not be the case for others. You will need to check if your evening moves and weekend moves will be acceptable to them before you finalize anything. OZZIEE Movers® has a complete list of removalists with varied working styles from which you may choose. Go through the list once or twice to be sure you have the right mover for the job.

4. Number the Boxes

This is a good idea if you are doing the loading by yourself. Use special numbers for those boxes you will need on your moving day to pack your toiletries and a sandwich. Also, you might need some boxes to pack your breakables and precious things. Most of the goods will be packed in the order they are stacked in the house. So, there is not going to be a problem with them. The boxes from the inner rooms will come out of the house last and will be loaded at the back of the truck. These will be unloaded first and go into the inner rooms of the new house first. Unless you want to change this order, it will not create any confusion. If there is a need to use some boxes from the inner rooms for your personal use, you will have to mark them separately.

5. Use trained and uniformed team

Since you have a choice of several movers, spend some time ascertaining which one of them provides the most professional services. One indication of this would be the appearance of their staff. Professional brisbane local movers will have uniformed staff you can identify easily. This will prove useful when you are moving because you don’t have to search for them.
Many of the service providers give training to their crew members as soon as they join the force. This helps them make the right moves without hesitation. If training is not provided, the movement is considerably slower and there might be situations when they are all at sea. So, by choosing a service provider that trains its crew, you are in a better position.

6. Check the full range of Equipments

You will get a truck to move your luggage from your house. Also, check whether the small movers brisbane give you a truck with a tail lift, blankets, straps, and removal trolleys. If you do not have the entire range of equipment, it might prove cumbersome when you do the actual shifting. Almost all the movers will give you all that you want to make your move smooth, but it doesn’t hurt to check.
Run over all the things you need for your moving to be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Be sure to choose your cheap movers brisbane well in advance of the actual moving day. You might run into problems and might want to change the moving day up or postpone it. Having a few days’ time to reschedule things will help.

Use of Special Services

Some of the movers brisbane has have separate charges for each type of move they do. The charges for furniture removal will vary from those of moving boxes. You can transport small items or have a pick-up and delivery module. You can use 2 men for moving your items or use the movers and packers services. Each of these will have a different charge. So, make sure you choose the right type of service.

Choose an Exeperienced team

This is vital because a mover with a good experience will be able to tackle any unforeseen circumstances that come their way. They would have faced numerous problems in their long career and so will know what to do when something arises. This knowledge will help them move your goods without stopping anywhere or making any unwanted delays. So, when you have two or more teams to choose from, choose the one with the most experience.

Mover is fully insured

Make sure your ready movers brisbane are fully insured. This is very important because if something untoward happens while your belongings are on its way, then you have insurance to take care of any damages. Not many movers have this provision, so you must check whether they have it when you book your service. The normal public liability is $100,000 per truckload, but this will vary.